USDA Inspected Beef

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Individual Grass Finished Cuts

Ground Beef: (80/20) $4.50/lb

Chuck Roasts: $8/lb

Arm Roast: $8.50/lb

Boneless Ribeye: $15/lb

Bone in Ribeye: $12/lb

T Bone: $14/lb

Sirloin: $10/lb

Porterhouse Steak: $18.49/lb

Round Steak: $6.50/lb

Sirloin Tip: $8.50/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: 8.50/lb

Filet: $20/lb

Cube Steak: $6/lb

Brisket: $8/lb

New York Strip: $16/lb

Short Ribs: $9/lb

Stew Meat: $10/lb

Marrow Bone: $5/lb